Why is Breakfast Important?

healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important part of our day. In order to make it healthy, it is necessary to think of the right ratio between protein, carbs and fats

By making a tasty and healthy breakfast you can get ready for a day, feel happy and have enough energy for your work, hobbies, or a workout. 

Why eat in the morning?

Breakfast provides you fuel for the day. If you eat the correct food, your body will feel good and your mind will be sharp.

Apart from that, it is important for muscle building but also maintaining your weight or even for a weight loss. It helps you to activate your metabolism so that it can work correctly.

These days you might have heard about keto diets and intermediate fasting. However, it is not designed for everyone. It also changes your metabolism and your body needs to readjust. Therefore, if it is done wrong it can mess up your metabolism.

If you fast, it might cause a fatigue or a brain fog. There are factors that you need to consider so again it is not for everyone.

If you like eating and need energy for a morning without starving yourself and learn how to get used to it, then there is no need to torture yourself. 

It is good to do an occasional cleansing or fasting in the morning. However, do this every single day, it is not a natural way to live. 


How to choose the right breakfast?

Some days you might not feel that hungry to eat or you might not have a time to have a big breakfast.

There are little things to look at when it comes to the selection of the right breakfast. Apart from creating a nutritional rich morning meal, you need to listen to your body about what you can and cannot diggest well.

Also, your lifestyle, habits and activities for the day play a role too. If you expect to have a big lunch then you might just want a simple small breakfast and an additional snack later if you are hungry.

If you know that you might have a late lunch for any reason, you can enjoy a big breakfast. That way you cover your nutrition for the morning to feed your muscles.

Breakfast on weekends might differ from a breakfast that you have during your workday. Some days you might just want to quickly grab your breakfast and another day you can enjoy the preparation and cooking. 

Some people prefer a sweet breakfast whilst others a savoury breakfast.

Sometimes it is better to prepare your breakfast a day ahead. That way it will be easy to grab it from the fridge in the morning.

These types of meals can be also used as a snack during the day. 

Track Your Nutrition & Health Data

Bottom line

When you exercise it is important to keep your nutrition correct in order to get results. Whether your goal is a weight loss or a muscle gain, food is an essential part that will make a huge difference. 

By starving or eating the wrong food, your results will not be that significant. It can ruin the effort you put into your workout.

Make your meal enjoyable, tasty and healthy in the same time. 

A healthy food can be so delicious and it makes you feel good as well. 

Inspiration for breakfast

Savoury breakfast

Whole grain sandwich or sourdough with toping:

Ham, lettuce and hummus

Smoked salmon, feta cheese and avocado

Mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto

Roast beef, cucumber and cottage spread

Omelette with mushroom, spinach and ham

Smash avocado with poached eggs on sourdough

Couscous with corn, feta, beans

Sweet breakfast

Sourdough or rice cakes with almond butter and banana

Protein pancakes

Overnight oats with toping

– blueberries, strawberries, banana, nuts

Sweet quinoa with pecan nuts and cinnamon 

Almond butter with choice of nuts and seeds (to add carbs you can spread it on toast or just eat it by itself)

Yoghurt smoothie with protein powder

Home made protein balls 

Protein bars or a shake

Chia seeds with fruits

Sweet couscous with fruits and nuts

If you have any ideas for a new breakfast inspiration feel free to comment below. 

Recipes coming soon! 

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