The Best Exercise That Target Abs and Back

There are numerous abs workouts as well as back workouts. This article will be focused on how can you target these muscles by using your own body weight.

In order to shape and tone your abdominal, you need to think of your back too. These muscles should be strengthen together. If you workout your back, you core will become stronger. Apart from that it will also correct your posture and prevent back pain.

One of the most effective exercise for your abs are planks. There are variety of planks you can do from just hold to create twist.

In addition, planks not only engage your core but it also strengthen your back. That way you will create a better posture. Similarly, they also improve your flexibility.

Let’s have a look at inspiration on effective core and back exercise.

Lying back extension

This is both a warm-up and actual exercise. It can be used as a lower back exercise. Therefore, it is very important because the lower back is usually a sensitive area and is easily injured. 

Certainly, it is best to do it before any form of back exercise or exercise focusing on the waist and abdomen. 


Lay out the mat, then place your head on the floor, then place your arms on your head in a “Y” shape and on your belly. 

After that, slowly lift your legs and arms off the floor, keep only the abdomen to thigh area on the mat (if it is too hard, keep your legs aground and lift your upper body). 

Finally, lower the waist, and then raise it 12 times, every time you feel the tension in the waist. Do at least 3-5sets. 

Plank with a twist


Start with a side plank. Hold your body on your forearm and hold your hips lifted. Lift your left arm toward ceiling and then rotate it under your shoulders, extend your left arm back and repeat 10-12x.

To make the exercise more challenging you can hold 30 seconds with your arm up. 

Side plank with a hip lift

This muscle strengthen your oblique and hip muscles. It also helps to reduce love handles that can be stubborn.


Lay on your side and let your legs fully extend. Use your elbow to support one side of your body.

Use your other hand to help you maintain your balance. Then slowly lift the bottom buttocks of the cushion. 

Imagine that once you lift your lower elbows and hips, they are together. Then slowly lower back to the floor.

If this is too difficult, you can kneel down.

Russian twist

Russian twist targets oblique muscles and also muscles under your love handles. Great for slimming your waist. 


Sit on the mat and slightly bend your knees. Lay your feet flat on the mat. Then, lean back slightly and use your core muscles to support you.

The next step is to slowly twist your torso from side to side. Keep your core muscles strong.

To make this move more challenging, try lifting your feet off the mat or leaning back again.

Remember, this move is to create maximum movement when turning, not the speed of twisting. If you want to involve more of your core muscles, use a dumbbell or a medicine ball.

Plank toe touch


Start with a plank position. Hold your arms straight. Then take your right arm to the left heel and go back. Do the same for the other side.

Repeat 16-20x with 2-3 sets.

Plank to forward reach


Start with same position as the previous plank. Take right arm and reach forward and go back. Repeat this with the other arm.

Repeat 16-20x with 2-3 sets.

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