How To Activate Your Muscles Before Working Out


Before you start your exercise routine, don’t forget to activate your muscles. Muscle activation can help increase the blood flow to your to your muscles and it also to better absorb nutrients.

That way, you will increase the effectiveness of your workout. You will be able to lift heavier weights and do your workout accurately without injuring yourself.

The benefits of muscle activation

Don’t rely on a standard warm up. Many people when they come to the gym usually start with 10-20min of running, cycling or using elliptical machines. However, if you chose a specific muscle activation workout, you will get better results.

For those who lift heavy weights, it is essential. It does not just prevent injuries, increase flexibility but it also helps you to perform better and achieve your goals.

Increasing your range of motions

This means that muscle activation will help you to do the right technique with heavier weights. This is necessary for your muscle growth. You need to lift heavy to build your muscles.

Better performance

By activating your muscles you will have enough power to do more sets with heavier weights without feeling exhausted.

Preventing injuries

This is very important for any workout. If you fail and injure yourself then you won’t be able to lift heavy weights for a long time. Apart from that, it can have fatal consequences.

Better results

If you learn how to activate your muscles correctly, it will save your time. You will be able to perform your workout accurately so that you will get the results you want.

Many people fail in terms of working out by not getting the results they want due to wrong techniques, limited range of motion and not using their muscles correctly.

Muscles activation workout

There are a few techniques that you can use to activate your muscles. One of the technique can be a short resistant training when you use tools such as resistance bands, TRX or your body weight and hold in a certain position.

Another activation can be done through using lighter weights of your sets and consciously focus on the muscle group you are using.

Pay full attention to your body and feel the muscles being activated. Feel the contraction of the muscles. You can also visualise it so that it will help you to effectively activate the muscles.

Samples of activation workout

Back – superman fly, inverted row, towel row, band pull down, plank

Arms – plank, diamond push ups

Chest – push ups, band reverse fly

Core plank

Quads – squat hold, walking lunges

Hamstrings and glutes – glute bridge, single leg bridge, birddog, fire hydrant, side clam shell, squads with band


How long does it take to activate your muscles?

Choose 2 of each activation workout per body part and do 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps

You can spend only a few minutes doing that.

Don’t spend too long time on muscle activation in a way of going to extremes. For example, if you do too many sets with light weight and exhaust yourself, you might not have the energy to continue with heavy weights.

However, listen to your body. Some days you might need a little bit of time to get ready for heavy lifting and your muscles can require to wake up after a long day sitting at work or relaxing. In that case, listen to what your muscles need. That way you will have enough power for your heavy lifting – especially for deadlifts.


Muscle activation helps you to get your workout more effective and it also prepares muscles for a better performance. Therefore, you can do your workout accurately even with heavier weights.

It means that you will be able to hit your goals and create the shapes you want and build your dream body.

Tip – Be consciously aware of the muscle activation whilst you doing it. Slower and intense motions are better. Do muscle activation every time before your workout and you will see a significant difference in your results.

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