Working Out at Home – Pros and Cons

Do you want to create a workout routine but not sure where to start? What are the advantages of working out at home vs joining a fitness club? Read more to find out. 

The first thing you might think is if a home workout can give you the same results as a gym. It depends on the type of exercises and equipment that you have or want to invest in. 

In order to keep fit, you don’t have to necessarily have to have a lot of home workout equipment at home.

There are effective exercises that you can do with your body weight or only with resistant bands.

You might add some dumbbells with adjustable loads to save money and space or use a barbell.

Another option is to buy TRX that allows you to adjust level of intensity for your workout.

Whether you start working out at home or  join a fitness club, it will benefit your body. 


It saves your time

If you need to walk or even drive to a gym it can betime-consuming. When you workout at home you can do it anytime. Just do it. 

It saves your money

Paying a gym membership can be pricey. Therefore when you are not committed to go often, it might not be the best option for you. 

You have a privacy

If you are slightly overweight or not in a super shape it might be more comfortable to start working out at home. That way no one will judge you (apart from your family if they are annoying) 🙂 

You can wear whatever you want

When you go to gym, you need to have your gym clothes ready. Sometimes you might also feel that you don’t look good enough in it and it can be demotivating. If you are at home you can wear whatever you want and just focus on the workout. 


Not having enough heavy weights to lift

When you workout at home it might be hard to get the same equipment as in a gym. You can still have lighter home workout equipment though or create your own home gym.

Not feeling motivated

It can be less motivating to work out at home. If you put the effort to go to gym then you usually end up actually working out even if you don’t feel like it. At home it can be easier to just procrastinate and do it next time. 

Not knowing how to workout

If you are at home you might just do a random workout that is actually not much effective. It can be easier to do it wrong because no one is watching.

Getting distracted

It is easy to stop exercising when you are at home because you can stop anytime. You might think of what do you want to cook or watch or start chatting with your housemates or family. It is easy to get distracted by anything else. Apart from that, you can get bored if you don’t follow a particular plan or instructional video.


Working out at home saves you a lot of time. However, it requires more motivation to really do it on regular basis.

Some people need to get motivated so they start going to gym and because they pay for the membership it push them to go more often.

That way they can see other people working out and it might them feel competitive and do the same.

Gym also allows you to use heavy weights so that they can build muscles if you don’t have a home workout station or a barbell at home.

Others prefer to have their workout routine at home, set up their own gym and have enough discipline to do it regularly. It can be easier to keep healthy and fit by just having a treadmill or a spin bike at home and workout while you watching TV.

 That way it is more comfortable and you can at least do something for your health. Apart from that you can even do a really heavy running and spinning and create great results if you really put your effort and motivation into it. 

However, for those who really want to change their body and shape, lose weight or build muscles, it is necessary to make a proper workout plan and also meal plan to get the results you want. 

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  • types-and-benefits-of-trx-shoulder-exercises
    July 5, 2022 at 9:22 pm

    The TRX shoulder exercise is an excellent way to work all three heads of the deltoid muscle. It is also a great exercise for developing core stability and strength, as well as improving your balance and coordination. In addition, the TRX shoulder exercise can be performed with a variety of other exercises to create a full-body workout.

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