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Whether you are new to yoga or you have already been practising yoga for a while, you probably noticed the positive health benefits. Yoga has a rejuvenating effect on our body.

It detoxifies, improves strength and flexibility. By regular practising, you will notice an improvement in your posture and also overall wellbeing. In addition, it boosts your immunity and helps your blood flow. 

In order to practice regularly, find the best yoga app so that you can practice as much as possible anytime and anywhere.

How to do yoga regularly?

In a busy life, it can be hard to maintain a regular practice of yoga. If you already workout in a gym you might have even less time. It can be challenging to find the right class for you and time to fit in a time schedule.

The benefits of yoga also come from a short daily practice. You can practise just 15min per day from home.

That way it will save your time and it will also create a healthy habit. However, if you are not sure what yoga practise to do, it can be challenging that you might stop because you can get bored of the same postures, not knowing how to increase level etc. One of the best motivation is to have an app.

How to choose the right yoga app? 

A well designed app that targets your needs is essential. There are many apps on the market and not all are the best.

Some yoga apps can be limited by only a certain amount of lessons that go over again. In addition, they might not exactly explain how to do it correctly. 

Most of the app you can download for free but with a limitation. So that you will need to subscribe in order to get any benefits. They cost from around $10-30$ per month.

One of the most affordable apps is Yoga Download. This app costs only $10 per month for a year subscription. The value for the price and what offers is worth the money. It offers over 1700 videos and they are growing every week. It can be also used on your TV.

Let’s have a look on how this program works. 

Yoga Download – take yoga anywhere


Yoga download is the best yoga app with excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

This app offers tailored packages of yoga classes for anyone. From beginner yoga to weight loss program, backpain, pregnancy yoga, detox to boot camp challenges

It will help you stay motivated to practice yoga regularly. 

There is over 1700 yoga videos with variety of instructors. 

How does it work? 

You can choose from various subscription packages from standard monthly to unlimited monthly or also unlimited yearly. Apart from that, you can also download all videos. 

Once you register you will get access to all 1700 videos.  In addition, there are new classes every week. That way you will never get bored. 

It offers 25 different yoga styles -for example, Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Yoga with weights, Pilates and more.

You can use it from your phone but also on google play, amazon fireTV. Roku TV.

Why to choose Yoga download?

  • It will save your money – access to all levels of yoga for only 10$ per month. You can exercise from home and stay motivated. 
  • There are many instructors to choose from so that you can choose those who resonate with you.
  • You will also get an access to yoga peaceful and beautiful music.
  • Easy filtering and navigation by level, style, instructors, length
  • You can cancel anytime if you no longer wish to continue. 

Samples of yoga videos from this app

Wall Yoga 

A challenging exercise that can be also fun. Perfect for improving your muscle imbalances.

Welcome Home 

Great stretching to improve your flexibility.

Absolution Flow - Wheel of fire

Relatively advanced yoga that challenges focus and balance. Great for deep release.

If you really want to start doing yoga on regular basis just give it a try. You can start with a monthly package to not be bounded. This way you can see how do you like it or not and decide if you want to continue. 

If you take your decision to start daily yoga practice seriously, then Unlimited Year will be the best choice. 

Visit Yoga Download website to sign up.

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