Do You Really Need Protein Powder?

protein powders

Is it necessary to drink a protein shake for bodybuilding? The answer is not clear as it might seem. You should consider a few factors such as your lifestyle, your exact goals and your diet.

If you always eat enough protein and nutritionally rich food then you might not need any additional supplements such as protein powder and you can still grow your muscle in some way.

However, let’s be honest – do you always prepare your meals and schedule it, check all the nutritional values and cover it every single day?

Do you always have your meals ready 24/7? Are organised, prepare your meals and snacks on daily basis?

It is possible to have a nutritionally rich diet, however, because we are all humans and we sometimes just don’t feel like eating or we just want to eat something spontaneous.

If you like to have some social life or if you just want to enjoy a day without stressing out, then it is reasonable to have some protein powders, amino acids and other supplements at home. 

Why Should You Drink a Protein Shake?

More freedom in life

You might prepare your meals a few days ahead. It is a great idea but it can get boring after a while.

Some days you can just enjoy having a spontaneous meal and if it is not nutritionally rich enough, grab amino acids or a protein powder after your workout.

More energy and stop craving

You might feel tired before you head to a gym.

Do you know the days when you have no energy to exercise? Therefore you can grab a pre-workout that will energize you and consequently you can perform well to make the most of your workout. 

Other days you might have a lot of work and no time to eat.

Protein powder can be a quick fix when you are heading to gym hungry. However, if you want to drink a protein shake before the gym, chose protein isolate that is easier to digest. 

Faster muscle gain

Protein powders are not only for replacing regular meal to get the job “done”. They contain a special formula that is targeted to grow your muscles and recover.

Easier social life

There can be days when you are heading to some social event. Imagine that you just finished your workout and then you want to go to an evening exhibition, theatre or a movie. It can be too in rush to eat before.

If you quickly eat, it can make your stomach upset. If you don’t eat anything after a workout you might feel dizzy.

In that case, amino acids can be a great choice. It will not make you full so your stomach will not be upset and you will get all the benefits to grow your muscles.

Should I Take Amino Acids Separately or in a Protein Powder?

If you have been using protein powders for a while you might notice that some of them contain amino acids whilst others don’t. 

Amino acids on its own – for example in tablets will help you to regenerate your muscles and help them grow.

Thus, they will not make you feel full as if you drink a protein shake.

Some people can feel bloated after drinking a protein shake.

Therefore amino acids are a better alternative to increase your endurance and performance. They are also essential for recovery after your workout.

In case that your stomach is completely fine and protein powder doesn’t create any problems to you, then buy a protein powder that contains amino acids.

That way you will cover all that you need for your muscle growth.

If you don’t eat enough and struggle to cover your daily protein intake then choose protein powders with amino acids so that you can cover both at once.


To summarize, protein powders can help you achieve desired results faster in case your diet is not perfect.

If you are a person who doesn’t enjoy cooking and meal preparation then it might be an easier solution for you. It is always better to learn how to eat nutritional rich diet but it takes time to learn.

Protein powders can help you to maintain or grow your muscles and do your workout more effective. Amino acids support muscle growth without feeling too full.

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