9 Reasons Why Are You Wasting Time in a Gym

Have you always dreamed of a perfectly toned body with muscles and slim waist?

Then you look at the mirror and all you see is your wobbly belly and cellulite on your legs and butt. You go to gym but still can’t see the right results you want. Then you start asking yourself what do you do wrong.

It takes time to transform your body and it will not happen overnight. 

In this article, you will find out what are you doing wrong and why your progress is so slow. 

Waiting when the equipment is ready

Do you know the situation when you have your workout plan ready and hit the gym but then you noticed that the machine that you want to use is currently occupied?  

Have a backup plan! Prepare variations of other exercises that you can do with free weights or cable machine.

This way you will replace exercise with other that involve the same muscle group. It will help you to save your time and be more effective. 

Spending too much time in changing room

When you go to gym you might not realized that on the top of your exercise you can spend extra half hour in a changing room.

I know you want to check how your muscles have grown after a workout but don’t be too obsessed by analyzing every muscle on your body but rather focus on the workout to get the actual results. 

Not activating your muscles

Before any workout, you need to activate your muscles.

It is necessary for effective exercise. By failing that you might not only create injuries but also your workout will not be that effective.

In order to make your muscles ready you can start with just bodyweight, free weights or resistance bands.

Do few repetitions for the muscle group you want to workout.  

Not understanding how your muscles work

In order to get results, you should know the basics about how to breathe correctly and how your muscles work.

Thus, you will know that you do each exercise in a proper technique and not wasting time by doing it wrong. 

Working out on isolated muscle groups instead of a compound exercise

A compound exercise involves more muscle groups – for example – squat engages your core, glutes, quads but also little bit of calves.

Isolated exercise – for example – biceps curl – only for your biceps. 

Therefore, if you do compound exercise is more effective and it saves your time as well.

Texting with your friends

Many people do that whilst they are in a gym. However, if you take your workout seriously do you really need to check your phone all the time? 

If you use your phone for music, then go for it, but don’t waste your time by responding on messages or browsing facebook.

It will distract you from focus and it can affect your results. Think twice before you check your phone at gym again.

Not pushing yourself to increase the weights

After few weeks, the workout will become easier and the same weight that you were lifting before be suddenly so light so that you will not feel that exhausted as before.

It varies on your frequency of exercise. The most common mistake that people do is that they don’t increase the weight.

Therefore, in order to build muscles, you need to constantly increase the weight and make challenges.

Same workout routine

If you go to the gym and workout always the same exercises over and over again, your muscle will get used to it and then they will stop changing.

It is recommended to change your workout plan every 6 weeks. If you workout very often, then change it more frequently.

Be creative. Try different loads, more repetition, a combination of heavy and light weights, new styles.

This way you will involve all muscle group and consequently make improvement. 

You are not patient

Does it make you feel anxious if you only see small results? Do you tend to just give up because you put too much effort and get only little bit back? Be patient.

If you keep going and do the right techniques, you will get the results over time. Your body might transform in a different way initially, however, you can always fix it later and focus on a specific area on your body.

Your effort will pay off if you are consistent, no matter how long will it take. Don’t give up!

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