How to make a delicious smoothie


Smoothie is a healthy drink that can not only refresh you but it also gives you energy for a morning, before a workout or to help you to recover after your gym session. 

It is always better to make your own smoothie at home than having a takeaway smoothie that can be loaded with sugars. 

Basic principles of smoothies

  1. Use liquid with your fruits or veggies – for a smoothie is typically any type of milk. I recommend going for healthier options such as almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk.
  2. You can also use plain white yoghurt to make it thicker and also to make a probiotic drink due to healthy bacteria in yoghurt.
  3. Frozen fruits will make your smoothie very refreshing. You can use fresh fruit. However, if you want to add some refreshing boost, choose one of the fruit parts frozen. For example, if you make a banana-strawberry smoothie – make fresh banana with frozen strawberries or the opposite way.
  4. Add some extras for extra nutrition – it can be anything from green powder, cinnamon, turmeric, maca powder or chia seeds. For extra protein use protein powder. That way your smoothie can become a meal. 

What blender to use?

If you want to prepare an easy smoothie, I recommend Nutribullet Pro which is powerful – 900W and easy to clean. Moreover, it is one of the basics to have if you take a healthy lifestyle seriously.

If you are a smoothie fancy lover and like to prepare large smoothies in advance or for your whole family, then Ninja blender BL660 will be the best choice. The power is 1100W. The largest jug has a capacity of 2l and it includes also smaller jugs. That way you can make a large smoothie. It is very easy to use – just chuck everything in and turn it on. In addition, it contains smaller containers so that you can also make smaller smoothies when you are in rush. 

Tip – The power of the blender should be at least 900w in order to be able blend ice. 

Should you sweeten your smoothie?

There is no need to add extra sugar to your smoothie. If you use high sugary fruit such as banana or blueberries it will sweeten your smoothie enough. 

If you really have a sweet tooth, then you can always use honey, almond butter or a little bit of chocolate spread for extra enjoyment. However, this way your smoothie will not be much healthy so choose wisely. 

What fruit and veggies go well together?

If you want to make the most benefits of smoothie use both veggies and fruits together plus add extra powders. 

For your mostly vegetable smoothie with milk and yogurt is one of a smart option adding an apple. 

For fruity smoothies you can add spinach leaves, ginger, avocado (avocado is consider as fruit however, it feels like vegetable).

When using extra powders chose the right one based on if your smoothie is more fruity or mostly vegetable to not destroy the taste. 

For fruity smoothies, cinnamon is one of the best spices you can add. However, if you don’t like cinnamon you can use a maca powder, cocoa powder, or acai powder to create a super antioxidant boost.

For vegetable smoothies – add a green powder with spirulina, chlorella or vegetable extracts such as kale powder, spinach or broccoli to maximize the alkaline effect. You can also add turmeric powder to cleanse and slowing your aging or a matcha powder.

Smoothie inspiration

Let’s make a healthy smoothie with probiotics (if you use a yoghurt) and minimum sugar – only a fructose from the fruit. I recommend these recipes for a different type of mood and taste.

Thicker yogurt-fruity feel

Nectarine-kiwi smoothie (large smoothie)

2 nectarine

1 kiwi

handful of berries

400ml yoghurt

  • For those who enjoy yoghurt and not want to use milk. Nectarines create a lovely taste along with the other ingredients.

A combination of yogurt with milk

Mango-banana with cinnamon

Half Mango

1 banana

4 spoons of yoghurt

150ml almond milk

1 tbs of cinnamon

  • Mango and banana creates a wonderful combination. Apart from that, it suits very well with yoghurt.

High energy smoothies

Banana-peach smoothie



1 banana

1 peach

100ml coconut milk

200ml almond milk

  • Lovely taste especially due to coconut milk which creates a beautiful combination that suits well together.

Refreshing and detoxifying smoothie

Green smoothie


half of cucumber

handful of spinach

200ml of almond milk

  • A green smoothie is very refreshing and detoxifying. Additionally, you can enhance the effect with a green powder.

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