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Chefgood meal delivery

When it comes to meal delivery services, it is always hard to predict whether you will like the meals or not. You might think that ready-made meals can’t taste the same as a real meal. Wrong! 

These days companies are trying to improve the quality of their meals to make a more enjoyable experience for their customers. If the philosophy of the meal providers is based on the right values and they want to make sure that the quality matches, you can experience great taste, quality and save your time. 

One of these companies that care about health, nutrition and taste is Chefgood. I came across this company by coincidence. I already tried few other ready-made meals from other companies so I can compare my experience. 

It can be sometimes disappointing when it comes to promises and then the final taste. However, Chefgood seems to be truthful. Their meals taste fresh because they are made just before you order them. The flavour is also real without synthetics. 

If you order their meals before Wednesday, you will get the delivery on Sunday. Meals are fresh but you can freeze them if you are not able to eat them all within a week or two. The delivery box will have an icepack to keep them refrigerated so you don’t need to worry that they will go bad in transport. 

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  • Chefgood is an Australian company that delivers fresh meals. The meals are prepared from high-quality ingredients with no hidden sugars, no synthetics or additives. 
  • They are handcrafted and with flexible menu that changes every week, so you don’t get bored. 
  • Chefgood meals offer over 50 meals to choose. 
  • All meals count calories so you are in control of your nutrition. You have an option to select a weight loss slim and trim meal plan if you are trying to lose weight.
  • They also offer vegetarian and vegan alternatives.  The variety looks nice and delicious. 


  • The delivery takes around a week. If you order them before Wednesday you will get them on Sunday. 
  • Because the meals are fresh, you need to be able to eat them in around a week and a half. However, you can freeze them if you can’t eat them all because you want to eat something else as well or for any other reason. 

Meal choices 

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The variety of flavours is designed for all needs. Chefgood has a selection of popular Italian meals such as Nonna’s lasagne, delicious Asian meals such as Singapore noodles, Chicken meatballs with red curry, then Middle-eastern meals with pulled lamb, Hungarian pulled beef, wraps – Ceasar, Mexican, Salads and also breakfast meals such as Croque Monsieur, Banana bread or Vegan cookies.

Check the Chefgood team who is cooking these lovely meals here

Tip – When it comes to meal choices, think about what flavours are you craving for and choose those you know that will not make you feel overwhelmed. For example, if you order similar flavours that have a very specific strong taste such as Indian or Thai flavours, you might feel that it is too much to eat it whole week.

From my personal experience, I know that I like when I can combine some simple flavoured meals with some specific flavoured meals.

Also, you can experiment with a meal that you never tried before. I personally like the surprise of the meal that I know it is made the way how it should be but I never tasted it before.

It is better to try new flavours with relatively cheap meals, then order it in a restaurant and then be disappointed that it is not your favourite flavour. 

My personal experience

I was pleasantly surprised by these ready-made meals from Chefgood. They taste fresh. It is like eating a real meal because it is cooked from fresh ingredients. You will not feel like eating those frozen meals that are tasteless and unhealthy. 

Of course, some meals might not be your style of preference. For example, if you have never eaten a middle-eastern dish, you might not be used to their spices. I personally found this flavour very strong but I did enjoy it.

As I said before, if you experiment with a new meal that you are not much familiar with, you might feel that was a wrong choice, however, this can happen when you cook on your own or order any other takeaway too. 

From the meals I ordered, I must say that Chicken and Shiitake meatballs with red curry was lovely. 

Another favourite meal that I tasted were Singapore noodles. They are vegan so for those who prefer vegan-only it is one of the highly recommended options.

Apart from meals, I liked the delivery process. It was easy. I got a message when I should be expecting the meals from Chefgood. Consequently, I got a message the day before the delivery with tracking info and then on the day of the delivery. 

The useful thing is to have the nutritional value on the label so that I can control my and stay fit when I am busy. Cooking is great but if I need to get things done in a busy working week and not get distracted with a decision what to cook and buying the right ingredients then this is easier. 

You can save a lot of time whilst still having delicious and healthy meals unless you love cooking and don’t mind spending a lot of time in your kitchen. Even though if you enjoy cooking, this can be a nice break to just get inspired for new recipes, focus on your work and learn new skills or do a new hobby that you couldn’t do before because of lack of time. 

To see how the meals look like when they are opened, check my Instagram @australanka.


discount code meal delivery

Meal delivery service from Chefgood is great for busy people in order to have your meal ready when you work from home. It also helps you to keep an eye on your calories without measuring the nutritional value of your homemade meals.

Chefgood help you to have this control whilst having a tasty meal. To have a ready-made meal is also great when you lack inspiration what to cook or just if you don’t know how to cook your favourite meal. 

It is a better choice than to order for example Uber Eats because Chefgood comes in bulk – you can select from 5, 7, 10, 14 or 20 meals so you will have meals already at home and ready to just reheat them. 

Then you can eat them anytime you feel hungry without waiting for delivery from takeaway places. Also, the meals are way healthier than takeaway meals. The ingredients are fresh with no artificial flavours, extra fat or excessive sodium as in other takeaway meals. 

If you are just fancy about having a greasy meal that is cheap and huge then just order MC Donald or pizza and don’t bother. 

If you care about nutrition and whilst eating food that tastes good, then Chefgood meals can be a perfect choice for you. Choose your favourite meals and enjoy easier life. 

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