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how to get rid off ingrown hairs

How to prevent ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs is a common condition that happens after shaving. It can affect everyone who shaves, waxes or use other hair removal techniques. The consequence of ingrown hair is inflammation, bumps on the skin and pimples. The most common area of ingrown hair in women are pubic areas, legs, armpits. How to get rid off it?

Unique Gifts

Unique designed gifts for any occasion - for birthday, Christmas or just to make someone happy. Patterned pillows, bag, scarfs, funny stickers, cute accessories.
indigenous art australia

Aboriginal Art from Yarn

Yarn is a non-Indigenous owned business with 35 culturally diverse Indigenous and Non-Indigenous team members, based in Brisbane.
types of yoga

Types of Yoga Explained

Do you want to start get started with yoga but not sure which type of yoga would suit you the best? Have you been practicing yoga for a while but want to try a new style? List of yoga from very easy to intense workout.

How to make a delicious smoothie

What is the secret of delicious and tasty smoothie that is loaded with nutrients? Read more how to mix your smoothie and enjoy incredible flavours from your home.
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