How to Choose the Best Activewear

comfortable activewear

Choosing the right activewear can take a bit of time to experiment what feel the most comfy and also what will help you to absorb sweat and not make unpleasant marks. You don’t need to spend tons of money on the best quality activewear especially when you just decided to start working out. However, there are some rules that you should follow in order to maximise your comfort.

Top rules when choosing the right activewear

Check the material

The material is important especially for long hiking or long running. Some material can cause skin irritation or even rashes! Apart from that, a wrong material can smell bad with a combination to your natural sweat or create an awkward marks on clothes. In addition, your skin will just not breathe. 

Your clothes should be comfortable, stretchy enough so that you can any workout without being squeezed or not being able to bend etc. Cotton clothes is ok. However, it will leave marks when you sweat. If you chose a light colour of cotton pants you will end up with sweaty marks on your bum or in front. The clothes will get soggy and heavy too. For this reason, a sweat-proof material is a better choice. 

If you are on a budget, you can have some cheap active wear with synthetic material but use it only for a short workouts to avoid all of these problems. However, if you suffer from any skin issues or have a sensitive skin, it might cause problems such as pimples, rash, irritation etc. 

Chose activewear that suits your body type

Everyone has a different body type. You probably know the best what is your body type. Choose clothes that will make you feel more confident. Enhance your natural curves or optically reduce unpleasant belly and love handles if you have one. 

If you are too skinny and want to make yourself curves don’t go for too long pants with a high waist to make your legs even skinnier. If you are short, high waisted pants can optically make your legs longer. 

These tricks can make you feel more beautiful so that you will enjoy your workout more without checking yourself if your belly not popping up too much or if your bum is not too fat. 

Have a variety of length for pants

It is great to have different length of pants – some three quarter pants and some long pants. For running outside, it is good to have long pants. They are always useful even if you live in a relatively warm country.

On the other hand three quarter pants suits almost everyone and they are not too hot and not too cold – perfect for summer but also a mild spring weather. You can also have shorts if you feel comfortable with them. 

Underwear that is comfy and airy

Your underwear should be from a natural material and breathable. You shouldn’t feel any squeezing to your skin. The best option is underwear that is almost like a transparent.

You can wear it under any type of pants and it will not create any unpleasant folds. If you have a very tight pants, nothing is worse than having underwear that will create folds on your bum or enhance your love handles! 

Choose a comfortable bra 

When choosing a sport bra, you should focus on if it supports your breast enough. If you have a bigger breast, then the support is important. For those who have smaller breast it is not that crucial, however, there still should be some support. I recommend a bra that is padded so that you can comfortable cover your chest. It also creates some shape – especially if you have a small chest. 

You might think if you can wear a normal bra at gym. Depends on the style of the bra. What should you be mindful is the wire that most of the standard bra have. It might feel very uncomfortable during your workout. You can get scratched, it will squeeze you and overall it is not designed for a workout. 

Chose the right shoes for sport activity you planning to do

Shoes that you wear at gym are different than those you would choose for running or a bike ride. If you lift heavy weight you should focus on shoes that are stable and have a solid base. That way your legs will stay stable for your deadlifts or squats etc. 

For running it is better to have lighter shoes with a bend base that will reduce the pressure on your feet. They should be also breathable and allow your feet move without too much squeezing. 

For a bike ride, the base of your shoes shouldn’t be flat but little bit curvy in the bottom. 

Have the right socks

It is better to use short socks that fit into shoes without rubbing your feet to create any blisters. It is better to use short socks that looks nice with shorts, three quarter pants but also with the long pants. They shouldn’t feel too tight. You blood needs to naturally flow. 

If you are a fan of long socks or if you work out when it is cold then choose the one that also don’t make your legs feel squeezed. Lot of long socks can be too tight if you chose the wrong option. 

Long sleeve top

It is a part of essentials to have in case you feel cold. It is always useful for a windy weather or even indoor when it is cold. As mentioned before, use sweat proof material in order to avoid sweat marks. 

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