Best Home Workout Equipment

Balance Ball

A balance ball helps you to strengthen your core, fix muscle imbalances and it useful for overall stretching. It can be also used to replace your chair when you working from home so that you can use your back and core muscles whilst you are working.

However, it might not be comfortable to use for a whole day. The good news is that if you only sit on a balance ball for an hour of your work, it can make a huge difference to your posture over time. 

For core strength, it can help you to protect your back. By doing crunches wrong, you can damage your back and it can cause back pain. 


A basic equipment that is multifunctional. There are tons of exercises with free dumbbells that can even replace all gym equipment.

If you buy adjustable dumbbells you can always add extra weight without need to buy a new dumbbells so that you will progress with your exercise. 


This versatile equipment allows you to use more muscle groups at once. For example, by doing kettlebell swing you will strengthen your legs but also back muscles. You can use them for a Russian twist or just simply do lunges. 

Weight vest 

The vest can contain individual pockets to hold various number of kilos. You can increase the weight based on your level.

It provides better stability than using a barbell which might be inconvenient for some individuals, especially by using it at home. 


TRX is a great tool that is portable and can be used for multiple types of exercises. By setting up you can increase the intensity of the workout and create more resistance. You can workout from home, at the park or anywhere where can you find a bar or even a tree. 

Wheel roller 

Wheel roller is a simple and very powerful equipment that strengthen not only your abs but also shoulders, arms, chest and back.

It is better than doing regular crunches. However, you should learn how to exercise correctly in order to prevent any back pain.


Mini Trampoline

Trampoline is a great and fun way how to do cardio. You don’t have to run if you don’t like it. Trampoline also is not that harsh on your knees so you can jump and not make too much pressure on your knees. 

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