Get rid of back fat FOREVER

Back fat can be frustrating. It can take time to get rid of stubborn back fat. However, if you find the right exercise and do it regularly you can change your back and be proud of yourself.

To remove unnecessary fat you should focus on tightening your back. Do more repetition with lighter weights or even just a body weight exercise. Stretching can help as well. Yoga is also helpful.

In addition, diet is also a part of your success. Avoid eating too fatty meals and reduce your portions. 

How back fat looks like?

Back fat is usually stored around your bra from behind (if you are a woman) or around your waist from behind. It doesn’t look appealing and it can affect all your body appearance.

By having a nice toned back and straight posture, it will create 80% of the success of your overall appearance. Apart from that, to correct your back will help you prevent back pain, it will make you taller and it will affect your wellbeing too.

It might be frustrating at the beginning to control yourself to eat correctly and do a certain workout. However, once you start getting the results you will be glad that you have stayed strong. It will pay off for sure.

Let’s have a look at effective exercises that can help you shape and tone your back.

Bodyweight workout for your back


Stay on your feet wider. Bend with a straight back, arms widely open and twist your torse to the right, then change to the left. Do it for 1 min.

Back extension

A great exercise that corrects your posture as well as help you with your back fat.

Lie on the mat, put your arms on your forearm and lift your back. Do it for 45s.

Superman fly

This workout is similar to back extension but you use straight arms. Watching this instructional video how to do it correctly.

Arm and leg raises 

Go on your knees, lift your left leg and right arm and go back, repeat with other side. 


Lie on the back, lift one arm and opposite legs, do it for 45s

Check more exercises for back and abs that help reduce back fat as well here.

Workout for your back with equipment 

Wood choppers

The wood chopper exercise targets abdominals and the oblique muscles. Apart from that it engages your back, shoulders and legs.

Bent row 

This workout can be done with dumbbells or on a machine. The dumbbells provide a better and more natural feel. It can be also done from your home.

Workout with wheel roller

This equipment is great for your back muscles as well as your core. If it is done correctly it will really make a difference to your back and remove your fat forever.  


In order to avoid fat on your back, you should include some cardio in your workout routine and do these suggested workouts. By tightening your muscles on the back and stretching them, you will avoid having unpleasant back fat.

You need to create some muscles on your back that will hold your posture . Be patient and your effort will pay off.

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